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Stockings, Girdles, Panty Hose, Slips...goodness knows what special offers Sleek'n Chic might have!
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We have relocated to the UK. “So why is your site listing US Dollars”, you might ask. Our shopping cart system, CCNow, requires all items on the website to be listed utilizing USD. However, when you place an item into your shopping cart, you will find that it will either show prices in your native currency or in USD. CCNow allows you to select a different currency.

For Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal the currency you select will be what you are charged in. All other payment types will be charged in USD regardless of currency selected.

To select your desired currency, simply click on the corresponding flag. Hovering over each flag will show the current rate for conversion from US Dollars to the corresponding currency.

Advantages of paying in your native currency.

1. Some card banks will bring in additional revenue by performing the currency conversion in their favor whenever     possible.
2. Some card banks add additional fees to buyer for doing a currency conversion.
3. You will know the exact amount that will appear on your credit card statement.


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