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the baldwin hair removal glove

Does it get rarer than this???
The Baldwin
Hair Removal Gloves:
Have you ever wondered how "ladies of leisure" removed their unwanted hair? We have discovered the answer. The Baldwin Hair Removing glove seems to be what they used. Each is in the original packet with a fabulous retro picture of a woman using her "glove". The packet back states: "A pair of pretty legs in sheer Nylons and smooth silky arms. All ladies desire these...." These "gloves" were manufactured in England. What vintage stocking collector can go without these? After all it's the preparation for the stockings we all love!
We recommend this product for collection purposes only, not for use.
the baldwin hair removal glove
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Beautis  girdle anchors

Vintage Girdle Anchors:
Circa 1950 Fabulous "Girdle Anchors " by Beautis are exactly that, anchors! In the original cellophane packet* which states "Stockingless Women, hold your Girdle down with Beautis Girdle Anchor". These anchors were used when a woman would want to wear her open-bottom-girdle but stockings weren't needed. The problem arose as to how to hold the girdle down. So, girdle anchors were the solution. Slip them onto your upper thigh and these comfortable knit, flesh colored anchors provided something to hook the garters onto and hold the girdle down!! How ingenious! No label to tell what they are made from but the fabric is knit (almost like a sweater) and has stretch to it. These anchors are new, unworn and in excellent condition. These are definitely a rare find and a must for any collection!
*Packet is in good to excellent condition
Sizes available: Medium, Large
Beautis  girdle anchors
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Vintage Seamed Rayon Stockings: Circa 1950's Step back in time with these wonderful GENUINE vintage seamed rayon stockings. Sole is imprinted in white "Mercerized Cotton Welt & Foot Rayon Body". The welt is also imprinted in white: "Ceiling 38; O.P.A. No. 387; Grade A 300 Ndls". Foot has a reinforced toe and heel which leads into the back seam going to the welt. Color is black. These stockings are not marked with the weight, however, as with most Rayon hosiery, they are quite heavy but do have a shine. These are definitely a great addition to your vintage collection - Treat yourself to a taste of the past!! Very limited stock - only one available in each size - don't miss out!
Sizes Available:
10½x 30 (Only One Available)
11 x 30 (Only One Available)
genuine rayon seamed hosiery
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Vintage Redfern Ribbon Corset / Cincher:
Circa 1890-1910 This lovely piece is for the serious collector. It is constructed with 4 sections of 2" wide pastel pewter-green satin ribbons with 5 ribbons in each section. These ribboned panels are separated by boning; the 2 side sections contain 6 bones and the back sections have 5 bones and the eyelets for lacing. Faux fur backed busk front fastening has 4 studs and a lovely matching satin ribbon bow. Each metal hook is engraved with the Redfern name. Center front measures 11" deep and center back measures 10" deep. Still laced with original silky, 3/4" wide laces which are well worn and are far from mint condition. This unique garment comes with a box, which doesn't appear to be the original box for this item, yet is a collectors piece in it's own right. The inside tag shows the size to be a 20, the style is 525, the maker is Redfern.

Vintage Ribbon Cincher
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Black Strapless Delight Slip: What a fabulous find. This black strapless slip is unbelievable. The bodice has cups with wires running on both sides from the waistline to the top of the cups! Top edge of cups is trimmed with with a narrow, delicate lace. Side zippered closure over 4 hook/eye clasps. Center back has a 4 1/2" X 5 1/2" elastic panel providing a snug fit. Below the knee
skirt has a slight fullness to it with the underside holding 3 rows of pink tulle ruffles!! Tag reads: Strapless Delight by Belle Smith, Acetate. There is no size listed, but seems to be a 32A and waist measures 28" and has no stretch. This wonderful vintage garment could easily be worn as an outer garment as well!! New, unworn, excellent condition.

Vintage Strapless Delight Slip
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'Permatone' Cotton Full Fashioned Stockings: Straight to you from the days of old. We have only one pair of these great cotton fully fashioned stockings. The are made by Permatone*, have cuban heels with seam running from the heel to the welt, forming a keyhole loop in the welt. Welt reads: Permatone*; Fast Color; Won't Fade, Run or Stain; Full Fashioned; Fine Mercerized Cotton; Reg. U.S. Pat Off. This tells us that they are definitely made in the USA, Circa 1940-50. These were a great utility stocking in its day and are now a must for the hosiery collector.
Color / Size:
Black / 10½x 30 (Only One Available)

Vintage Full Fashioned Cotton Hosiery
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Vintage 'Markline' Rayon Seamed Stockings:
During WWII all available nylon was taken for the war effort. As a result, the hosiery industry suffered. To replace nylon, they used rayon and cotton. We are offering you these wonderful stockings from yesteryear! Fabulous design, color, shine! The body is made of Rayon with the heel and toe of Mercerized Cotton. The seam runs from the top of the heel to the bottom of the welt. Needle 'holes' run alongside the seam at the calf area. Each pair of stockings comes in a poly pack which we feel someone placed them in to protect them as the packet is for nylon hosiery and has a different name on it. However, due to this careful packaging, these stockings have remained in pristine condition. We have opened the packets for measuring purposes. All stockings are new and unworn, black in color and have printing on the toe. Circa 1940
Sizes Available:
8½x 30" (Only One Available)

Markline Seamed Rayon Stockings
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Vintage Sears Lace-up Corset:
This item is lovely and a MUST for a vintage collection! It is a NEW, UNWORN, hi-waisted, corset type open bottom girdle from SEARS. It is a gorgeous light pink (lighter than the normal peach) jacquard fabric. It laces up at the front and also has hooks for closure, so once you have it laced to size all you need to do is snap it up! The top has elastic panels to allow ease of movement and giving a snug fit. There are also panels of elastic at the bottom center front and on the lower back (the striped looking fabric). There are 6 adjustable, metal/rubber garter clips. This corset has 12 areas of boning some with double and triple rows.
This girdle is a size 34, with an unstretched waist of 31" (laced at the tightest position)
Sears Lace-up Corset
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Fully Fashioned Silk Stockings

Vintage Fully Fashioned Rayon Stockings: Circa 1950 One pair of vintage Kayser full fashioned stockings with a "Fit-All-Top". This top is an extremely long welt that is imprinted in white. These stockings have cotton/rayon blend in the foot and welt. The welt also holds a bit of thread attached for "repairs" to the stocking! How unique! Foot has a Cuban heel leading into the back seam going to the welt forming the keyhole loop. In history of stockings, rayon falls between the silk and the nylon placing them in the 40's to the late 50's time frame. Imprinted welt reads Kayser, Fit-All-Top, Patent Number which is not legible, Made in USA, Rayon & Cotton, 10. 2 pair out of the 3 have a label-style sticker attached that reads "Ceiling 94 cents, 42 Gauge" Lovely color of medium tan.
10 X 30 (without tag) (Only One Remains)

Outlined Foot & Heel Stockings
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1940's Seamed Silk Stockings

Vintage Seamed Silk Stockings:
Circa 1940-1950 Minion, Luxury, Pure Silk, Sheer, Made in UK, is what the tag reads on these vintage stockings. We are offering 1 pair of new, unworn stockings. Imprinted reinforced foot with a Cuban Heel leading to the seam running to the welt. Original tag still attached. Experience the luxurious feel of pure silk stockings from years gone by. Lovely shine, in a chocolate color that is great for both day and evening wear. You'll never find a modern stocking to match these beauties.
Size: 9 x 32"

1940's Pure Silk Stockings
Pure Silk Seamed stockings

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Without Box

With Box

Vintage Lady Marlene Basque/Torsolette: Circa 1960 What a lovely vintage garment this is! New, never worn, mint condition, "Bra-S-Lette" by Lady Marlene. Front is in two sections, the top being constructed with a lovely lace making up the cups and midriff. The fabric from waist to the hips and side panels are a shiny satin-like fabric. There are 4 panels of powernetting between the satin panels providing a snug fit. There are 9 rows of boning around the body and the cups are over-wired and satin covered. This basque has 4 adjustable, removable, metal/rubber, elastic suspenders and garter clips. Closes center back with fleece backed, double row of 12 hook/eye clasps. Made in USA, Style 960, Rigid Sections: 100% Nylon; Elastic: Acetate, Dacron Polyester, Nylon, Rubber, exclusive of decoration. Only one box is available and will sell with either of the sizes on first come/first serve basis, other will sell with the original tissue and bag - buyers choice.
Sizes Available:
32C    34C

Lady Marlene Basque
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Kayser Fully Fashioned Silk Stockings

Vintage Kayser Silk Full Fashioned Stockings: Circa 1950. Fabulous Kayser silk stockings with Cuban heels and seam into the "Mir-O-Kleer, Fit-All-Top" and forming the keyhole loop. These stockings are a classic silk leg, with cotton reinforced foot and made in the USA. They are a lovely dark tan in color. The welt is very deep measuring approximately 6 1/2 " total. These classics are new, unworn and in excellent condition.
Sizes: 10 X 31         10 X 32        
Only one pair available in each size

Kayser Fully Fashioned Silk Stockings
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LIMITED!! Collector's Item.
SILK - Vintage Full Fashioned Stockings:
Circa 1950 Lovely beige silk stockings labeled: "Thread O Life". These beauties have added cotton in the welt and foot for added comfort. Welt is imprinted with a picture and words "Mending Thread Inside". You won't find that on any modern stocking for sure!! These are authentic silk from yesteryear. Quite a heavy knit, our guess is 70 gauge. Natural back seam runs to the keyhole loop in the welt. This silk has a fabulous shine and they look and feel wonderful caressing your legs! Original department store sales tag. Don't miss out .VERY limited supply. A must for every serious stocking collector!
Size available: 10 X 32"   (only one remain)
                         10 X 34"   (only one remain)
vintage silk full fashioned stockings
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